Exhibition, 5 000m2

5 000sqm Exhibition

Our venue provides your industry with the platform for information exchange between brands and their potential market. Exhibitions allow brands to showcase offerings to the public, providing entertainment through information.

The Ticketpro Dome is proud to be the home of many of South Africa’s top consumer exhibitions and seamlessly connects organisers with their targeted audiences.

Measured to attend to the privacy of an intimate 3,000 square metre space to the demands of a massive 16,000 square metre space exhibition, the Ticketpro Dome is unarguably the most flexible entertainment space in Africa.

Exhibition, 10000m

10000sqm Exhibition

If you are seeking the perfect showcase space to connect brands with buyers, you will find all the amenities you should require under the expanse of the Ticketpro Dome.

Unlimited possibilities. Whatever your exhibition, we’ll cover it.



It’s difficult to put into words what makes the Ticketpro Dome so special. We once had a pre-rAge meeting in which we planned out a slice of video game fiction which would inevitably tie in with the show. It involved the Ticketpro Dome secretly being the top of a giant alien robot head that was buried within the Earth, and when this robot eventually emerged we were going to have the heroine of our story defeat it. I can’t think of any reason to be anywhere else

Michael James rAge Expo