Imagining a spectacular special event takes creativity,  and at the Ticketpro Dome creativity is key.

Stepping out of the ordinary is a daily action for the Ticketpro Dome, and we will step out of any box to provide you with an entertainment experience like none other.

The transformability of the Ticketpro Dome is its immediate value proposition, we are able to bring any organiser‘s vision to life whether the theme of your special event is one of awe-inspiring  grandeur, acrobatic excellent or and indoor motor show, our innovative team  will exceed your expectations – efficiently, effectively and  effortlessly.

Planning an event?


  • Truly unrivalled in its capability to host any event with ease
  • Roof handling capability
  • 16,000 square metres interior floor space, including 11,000 square metres uninterrupted space
  • Flexible seating structures
  • Versatile setup and floor plans
  • Multiple access points and ample parking


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